Stocktake Sale! Ends 30/06/2022 or While Stocks Last!

Stocktake Sale! Ends 30/06/2022 or While Stocks Last!


RELAX in the HUG 150 Lift Recline Chair

Relax in this comfortable chair! The Hug 150 is IDEAL for smaller sized rooms and perfect for most retirement and nursing homes. WALL-HUGGING technology allows for the Hug 150 to remain close to the wall while performing its LIFTING and RECLINING features to help you with mobility in and out of the chair.

The Hug 150 is designed for comfort and has all of the added extra lift & recline features to assist with mobility. You’ll find yourself kicked back in front of the television or perhaps in a quiet study or living space reading a good book in no time. We love helping our customers get their freedom back and the Hug 150 is one of our products that help achieve this.

POWERFUL Okin Motor to help ease you in and out of the chair ? handy side POCKETS to store all of your magazines or remote controls, user FRIENDLY controls, and therapeutic SUPPORT foam for COMFORT seating.

SUPPORTIVE therapeutic support foam.
WALL-HUGGING TECHNOLOGY for ease in small rooms.
Two SIMPLE lift & recline FUNCTIONS.
QUALITY mechanics for a SMOOTH tilt & recline.
EFFORTLESS adjustability to suit you!

The Hug 150 is designed with VERSATILITY in mind. Picture yourself kicking back after a long day with the grand children and watching your favourite TV drama. Or perhaps your grand children might be joining you in the Hug 150 while you both enjoy snacks and a movie.

Designed with VERSATILITY in mind

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