Mobility Scooter Buying Guide

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Use of mobility scooters is on the rise across Australia. Electric mobility vehicles allow people to experience new mobility, every day.

Why are these devices increasing in popularity?

This means that if you or a loved one have declining mobility due to age or a disability, mobility scooters offer a safe and financially viable way to regain your independence.

And, if satisfying your sense of adventure isn’t easily achieved because of your declining health, we also have a range of off-road scooters to fit the bill. These mobility scooters have enough power and speed to take you off the beaten track while still prioritising safety.

Our guide will help you decide what features you should look for in mobility scooters, taking into account your personal health requirements. We’ll also offer some insight as to the practical elements that you may not have considered up until now.

Just to let you know, we offer quick delivery across our entire product range, so you won’t have to wait too long to regain your independence.

What Is a Mobility Scooter?

A mobility scooter is an electric vehicle designed to assist users who are experiencing reduced mobility. They may also be known as electric scooters, motorised scooters, electric mobility aids or travel scooters.

Used by an array of individuals, mobility scooters are widely available and offer those with mobility issues or certain disabilities a way to get around, without having to strain.

Mobility scooters can be purchased across Australia and are also available for rent. You may have spotted electric mobility scooters in public places like supermarkets, shopping centres, tourist attractions and visitor centres – where they are often provided as a shop mobility aid for customers.

The freedom and independence provided with the use of an electric mobility scooter can significantly improve quality of life for those who ride them. Perhaps it’s not surprising that recent studies found using mobility scooters have been shown to improve a person’s social participation and life satisfaction.

At the very least, scooters offer a new means by which you can travel around – but more than that, they are a life-altering product for so many of our customers.

Take it from one of our long-standing customers, Jeff:

I don’t experience any limitations. I haven’t lost my independence. Because, wherever I want to go, the scooter will take me. I love my mobility scooter, it’s a great product.

mobility scooter for couples

We have many scooters available, so choosing the right one comes down to the user’s needs. We offer a wide range across the following four categories:

Every scooter can be tailored to fit your individual needs.

There are scooters available for price-conscious users and more luxury designs for those who are looking to invest: we have a scooter for every price range.

With new mobility scooters being introduced all the time across Australia, we now have products to assist users affected by a wide range of health issues.

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Who Uses a Mobility Scooter?

There is no single profile of a person who can benefit from using electric mobility scooters, although they’re usually associated with elderly individuals who have mobility issues. Mobility scooters are good for:

Children can sometimes use mobility scooters also, but age restrictions apply. You will have to check your local state guidelines as they differ across Australia.

Am I Permitted To Use a Mobility Scooter?

Electric scooters are considered motorised mobility devices, but users of scooters are legally viewed as pedestrians.

Blue Badge Insurance says there are some basic rules that apply across Australia in regards to the use of mobility scooters. These include:

am permited

Along with the rules that apply across Australia, each state and territory has its own stipulations in relation to how scooters should be used in that location.

For the rules applicable to your state, see the following resources:

It’s important to get the right operating information for whichever state you call home.

Is a Mobility Scooter Right for Me?

You may find that your ability to walk reasonable distances is deteriorating, which has led you to sort through your options.

Or your ability to travel is not as good as it used to be, so you want a travel scooter to take along with you.

However, even if you’re permitted to use a mobility scooter, it’s not guaranteed to be suitable for you.

So before obtaining a mobility scooter, it’s important to consider several factors. Ask yourself:

Though scooter accidents are rare, they can be dangerous for both the user and others – so you should carefully consider your capabilities of operating one.

If you decide that a mobility scooter is a manageable product for you to use, you can begin to look in more detail at some of the elements you should think about.

Personal Considerations When Buying a Mobility Scooter?

A mobility scooter can be a transformational piece of equipment, enabling people to move around their home and as a travel scooter, not everyone is suitable for one.

When assessing your suitability, these are some important factors:

Eyesight & Hearing

In order to drive a mobility scooter safely, you must have sufficient vision to be able to see, react to and avoid people and obstacles in your path.

If you have any level of vision loss, you should talk to your doctor to make sure that you can:

You should not drive a mobility vehicle if you are severely visually impaired, as the use of a scooter under these circumstances would put yourself and others at risk.

The same applies in some measure to your hearing, as you need a good level of hearing to ensure you are aware of any potential hazards around you.

If you do find that your hearing is deteriorating, you may need to consider hearing accessories to mitigate risk when using mobility equipment.

Your Mobility

Generally speaking, mobility scooters aren’t suitable for people who don’t have the strength or balance to transfer from one position to another or to sit upright unaided. That may include people who need help transferring from a bed to a chair, for example.

This is because you need to have a certain amount of movement and dexterity to operate a mobility scooter safely and effectively.

If you have poor upper body strength and control, you’ll need to think about whether product adaptations are available to support your specific needs.

There are some circumstances where the use of mobility scooters is not possible, which we will provide more information on as we continue.

Mental Capacity and Mobility Scooter Use

While mobility scooters are generally easy to operate, you must be able to learn some new skills and comprehend training information, such as how to power the equipment or service the product, before you begin use.

You must also have the capacity to stay focused while driving, to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

Scooters are heavy machines with quite a bit of power and driving them can be dangerous if they are misused.

Before purchasing a mobility scooter you need to make sure that you can:

People with reduced mental functioning may not be able to make a realistic judgment about their ability to use mobility equipment safely.

If you have any doubt at all about whether you can safely operate a mobility scooter, you should consult a doctor or specialist before buying any electric mobility products.

Here we outline four examples of when the use of mobility scooters and products must come into question:

Mental Capacity and Mobility Scooter Use

Mobility Scooter Training

Every scooter is slightly different. Whether you’re buying your first one or upgrading to a newer model, it’s vital to know how to use your scooter safely.

Training includes:

If you’ll be relying on a carer or family member to help move, store or maintain your scooter, it’s important to bring that person with you to the training.

At Out and About Healthcare, our customer service team would be delighted to help book a demo.

Practical Considerations When Buying A Mobility Scooter

Once you’ve decided that a new mobility scooter is just what you need in your life, there are additional practical factors you need to account for, such as arranging delivery, price and where you will store it.

Proper consideration will ensure that you choose the right products. Not just for your current situation, but also into the future.

Are Mobility Scooters In Your Price Range?

The price of mobility scooters can range from anywhere between $4,000 – $20,000 AUD.

Then there are price variations, depending on the brand, the accessories you choose and any product upgrades you may need.

Price may determine whether you can afford to buy a new mobility product or whether you will get one second hand.

Scooters within certain categories also come with features that may increase price, such as travel scooters which offer compact folding capabilities, or off-roaders that have special suspension options.

It’s best to talk to a professional if you have a budget to assess what features you can afford within your budget.

What Sort Of Funding Options Are Available?

If a mobility scooter is not within your price range, we provide information on several funding options available across Australia.

You can find out about these options under our website FAQ’s: MASS, CAEATI, VOSS, NDIS and SWEP.

Each funding option has their own eligibility requirements but all of them require you to be:

What Will You Use Your Mobility Scooter For?

Across Australia, mobility scooters are used for a whole host of reasons.

Taking into account the location where you’ll use the scooter, along with the types of journeys and terrains you will encounter will help you narrow down scooter choices.

Think about how you will use your scooter, as this will help you whittle your choices down to the most suitable products for your needs.

Our specialist fitting team can offer advice on our full range of products.

Storing Your Mobility Scooter

You’re going to need somewhere to securely store your scooter so that is safe when you’re not using it. Keeping it locked indoors is your best protection from weather and potential thieves.

Our customer service can help arrange scooters mobility delivery options

Here are some potential storage issues you need to account for:

Maintenance Requirements and Costs

Along with the upfront cost for the scooter, you will also need to consider the price associated with maintenance and repairs.

As a good rule of thumb, you should service your scooter once a year. If you use it every day, service once every six months is recommended (in addition to your annual service, it’s probably worthwhile to get your travel scooter serviced before taking it on holidays or long trips).

The price you pay for a service should include:

A regular product service is particularly helpful because it will help to sort any issues before they become major problems

With that being said, no matter how well you maintain your scooter, there will be times when product parts need replacing due to wear and tear or an accident.

All repairs should be conducted by a qualified technician who has experience working with mobility scooters.

Mobility Scooter Batteries

Electric mobility scooters require batteries to operate. They will need to be charged using a standard electric socket.

Mobility scooters will generally have one of three types of battery: lead acid, *lithium batteries, gel cell and AGM.

Generally speaking, mobility scooters need replacement batteries after 12 to 18 months, depending on their type and use.

*Not all lithium batteries are safe for plane travel.

Go here if you want to find out more about battery categories.

Your Future Mobility Scooter Needs

Scooters can last many years, and you want to make sure that you get the most out of your purchase.

To do that, it’s important to consider your needs both today and in the future.

Before purchasing your scooter, think about how your medical condition and lifestyle might change over the next five years.


Future changes to consider include:

What Types of Mobility Scooters Are Available?

There are lots of categories of mobility scooters available for delivery across Australia.

Mobility scooters are therapeutic devices so there’s a lot more to consider than just the way they look or their price.

You need to think about other points such as your weight, height and whether you’ll be needing assistance to assemble it. That will determine what category of scooter you choose.

Let’s get into our extensive range of mobility scooters.

We’ve broken it down into four categories. The products within each category are designed to suit specific requirements.

Portable Mobility Scooter

Ideal for: Travel
Travel distance: Up to 15km
Weight: Between 17kg – 24kg
Terrain suitability: Varies – predominantly smooth

portable scooter

Within the category of portable mobility scooters, you’ll find our scooters that are perfect for travel.

The Heartway brand makes scooters that are compact, lightweight and very easy to use.

With the ability to fold neatly into a compact size, these scooters fit easily into the boot of a car. They can also be taken on a boat, a plane, and public transport. They can come with extra accessories or products too.

General product features:

Our Wide Range Of Portable Mobility Scooters — Ideal For Travel

Mid-size Mobility Scooter

Ideal for: Quick trips
Travel distance: Up to 30km
Terrain suitability: Diverse

midsize scooter

Within the category of portable mobility scooters, you’ll find our scooters that are perfect for travel.

The Heartway brand makes scooters that are compact, lightweight and very easy to use.

With the ability to fold neatly into a compact size, these scooters fit easily into the boot of a car. They can also be taken on a boat, a plane, and public transport. They can come with extra accessories or products too.

General product features:

Our Mid-Size Mobility Scooters — Ideal For Quick Trips

Large Mobility Scooter

Ideal for: Travelling long distances
Travel distance: Up to 50km
Weight max: Up to 200kg
Terrain suitability: Semi-all terrain

large scooter

With a scooter from the large range category, you can easily travel to the shopping centre, take your dog for a walk, or head to your local waterfront.

These mobility scooters have been designed for comfort over longer distances and they have a variety of accessories to make the trip even better.

In this range, you will find several products that offer different results, including a golf mobility scooter – perfect for long days on the golf course.

General product features:

Our Large Mobility Scooters — Ideal For Longer Distances

Off-Road Mobility Scooter

Ideal for: Beach or bush, travelling long distances
Travel distance: Up to 50km
Weight max: Up to 200kg
Terrain suitability: Heavy duty, semi-all terrain

offroad scooter

Our off-road range is for those who won’t let their health affect their dare-devil attitude. Buying one of these three mobility scooters means you don’t have to miss out on days at the beach or exploring the bush.

They have been designed for comfort over rough terrain distances, and have a variety of accessories to maximise the ride. Users rave about the results they see with the suspension options that come with these products too.

General product features:

Our Off-Road Mobility Scooters — Ideal For Adventures

The three off-road mobility scooters we have are our most heavy-duty products.

If you would like to find out more about the products within these categories, including the brand and price, get in touch

We can arrange fast delivery of our full range of scooters and products across all categories to most areas in Australia, with options for overseas delivery too.

Features of Mobility Scooters

There are many features available on our wide range of mobility scooters, all designed to increase comfort and safety when using the scooter.

Let’s highlight some of the specific features you will find across our product range:

Swivel Seat

This seat option makes for easy transfer on and off electric mobility scooters. It offers several benefits:

The swivel seat is available for the Zen, Brio and Verve ranges.

Auto Fold

With the press of a button, the scooter will fold quickly and neatly into a compact size.

Pneumatic Tyres

Airtight inner core so the air pressure is higher than the atmospheric pressure, meaning the tyre remains fully inflated despite the weight it carries. This feature:

Automatic Speed Reduction

Anti-Rollback Safety System

Indigo Suspension

Double Wishbone Suspension

Electromagnetic Braking System

Fold-up Armrests

Tilting Steering Column

Extra Seat Support

If you’re looking for some advice on scooter features, our customer service team will be very happy to help you.

Mobility Scooter Accessories

Once you’ve decided on the features you’d like your mobility scooter to have, you can add some optional extras. We have a range of products available, with the intention of optimising your user experience and preparing you for the safest and most comfortable scooter rides.

These include:

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Across our four scooter categories, we’re sure there is a product suited to your personal needs.

If you’re still not sure, we can help you decide.

Whichever scooter you decide on, we offer fast delivery options and dedicated customer service.

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