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T07 - KD Medical Companion 150 Travel Folding Electric Wheelchair

Stockcode: Companion 150

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The Companion 150 Travel Folding Electric Wheelchair is an excellent travel electric wheelchair with a weight carrying capacity of 150kg. The Companion 150 has larger front wheels and a strong motor and frame, yet still remains compact in size making it perfect for travelling. This travel electric wheelchair folds in seconds and is easily transportable which means it can be easily stowed away on a plane or in the boot of a car. The Companion 150 weighs only 23kg with the batteries and cushion removed so it’s lightweight and even easier to travel with. The Companion 150 features lightweight plane-safe lithium batteries so it can be easily taken on plane and boat trips. The Companion 150 has been designed for Australian conditions and meets Australian safety standards.

Product Details:

Every person is different, and that’s why we’ll discuss prices to suit your needs when you place an enquiry. You may want to receive a discounted price for buying outright, or you may need to get a loan. You may even be eligible for government assistance – meaning you pay less. Whatever your financial status, a professional team member at Out and About Healthcare can help you. Place an enquiry now.


Australian/ISO Standards: Yes

Load Capacity: 150kg

Travel Range: Up to 25km

Weight Capacity: 150kg

Weight W/O Batteries and cushion: 23kg

Battery: 12V x 2 (Lithium). 

Brake: Electro-Magnetic Brake

Stand:  Comes with Stand for ease of lifting

Drive Mode: Joy-Stick Controller

Motor: 24V 250 Watt Brushless Motor

Turning Circle: Turns in own circle

Anti-Tips: Yes

Dimensions: W-695mm L- 950mm x H-900mm

Dimensions When Folded: W-695mm x H-750mm x D-360mm

Seat Size: Width 410mm x Depth 430mm

Seat height from floor: 500mm

Floor to top of Seat: 490mm

Width Between Armrests: 560mm

Suspension:  Front Castor Suspension for more comfort

Front Fork:  CNC front strengthened Fork

Front Wheel: 180mm x 45mm

Drive Wheel: 250mm x 60mm

Ground Clearance: 70mm

NOTE:  All Mobility Scooters and Electric Wheelchairs are programmed to the current Australian Standards at point of sale. Specifications may represent manufactures maximum capacity of the product for customer's general information.

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Since purchasing my T07 on 27-11-17 I have had many inquiries from people about the wheel chair as I have been out and about. I have found it to very comfortable and easy to lift in and out of my CX3 (although I do have to put the backs of the seats down to accommodate it). I charged the batteries for the first time yesterday and it took no time at all to fully charge. It took me a while to get used to the joy stick as I found it very touchy, but once I had it just right I was of and rolling. I have just one suggestion \" please make the sound of the horn louder\" as people do not hear it particularly in shopping centers were there is a lot of noise and those who were ear plugs (in both) ears don\'t here you until you shout at the top of your voice for them to move. On the hole a very well put together vehicle and very convenient and easy to to handle and get around on.

Julie Coningham

I have spent the last two weeks looking for the perfect chair and I finally found it this week at Out and About Healthcare. I needed a motorised / electric wheelchair that I can use in my home and then take to work to use and then do my shopping and socialising and get my life back. My new wheels are the KD Companion 150 Travel Folding electric wheelchair. Best things about it for me are: it is light, I can fold it and put in the boot of my car (sedan), it is compact and can easily move about my home (unit), it\'s electric which will be better for my bad shoulder than a manual chair. A huge thank you to Rachel for taking the time with me to find the right chair for me as well as being friendly, with good product knowledge. Thanks also to Dave for being cheerful whilst showing me through every aspect of the chair to make sure I knew how everything worked. The Out and About team are the nicest people, everyone we met introduced themselves and made sure we were being looked after. The best bit of course is being able to find the right chair for me that is quality made, built with thoughtful design to use one chair in many areas of my life. I have never written a review before, so apologies for the many words but I did want to encourage anyone looking for a mobility solution to contact the team and they will help you out. Cheers all, Julie. P.S big thanks to the big boss too.

Tom Dutton

I recently received mu 150 Wheelchair and couldn\'t be happier. It has made my life so much easier and has restored a lot of my independence.and confidence. The service I received from the team at Out and About has been marvelous from the minute I walked into their showroom. They are friendly, helpful and very patient ensuring you are purchasing the correct product for you. I also purchased a couple of extras being a thicker cushion and suit case to carry the 150 in, when on my travel\'s I have also purchased a Scooter from Out and About. Thank you for a great product all for all your assistance throughout the process. Tom North Lakes

Garry Mayne

This chair has provided for my wife a change of lifestyle. It has dramatically increased her independance and is so easy for her to operate. This chair folds up easily and fits in the boot of my car, although I have some difficulty lifting it up and in, with help it provides us with another option for getting around. It enables her to use Maxi Taxi lift facility and we go out for lunch to a club at least once a week now. A great product that draws comment from many people who see it.

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