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A0010 - Mobie Transformer Folding Portable Mobility Scooter

Stockcode: Transformer

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The Mobie Transformer is an advanced automatic folding electric scooter perfect for travel and holidays. Equipped with many great features of the Mobie Folding Electric Scooter, the Mobie Transformer takes it to the next level. It’s compact weighing only a mere 25kg and folds automatically at the push of a button, no manual folding required. It is lightweight and folds to a compact size making it easy to throw in the boot to go shopping, and to travel with on a plane since it features plane safe Lithium batteries. The Mobie Transformer is versatile and easy to use making it an ideal automatic folding travel scooter for shopping centres, travelling and cruise ships.

Product Details:

Every person is different, and that’s why we’ll discuss prices to suit your needs when you place an enquiry. You may want to receive a discounted price for buying outright, or you may need to get a loan. You may even be eligible for government assistance – meaning you pay less. Whatever your financial status, a professional team member at Out and About Healthcare can help you. Place an enquiry now.


Australian Standards/ISO Standards: Yes

Weight Carrying Capacity: 120kg (265lbs)

Weight W/Battery: 25kg

Weight W/O Battery: 24kg

Max Speed: 6 kmph

Batteries: 24V/10 ah x 1 Lithium Battery (Lithium Batteries now have MSDS Certificate which makes them safe for flight).

Charger: 2ah Off-Board Lithium

Travel Distance:  Up to 15km (Add a 2nd battery to get up to 30km per usage)


Rear Wheel Drive System:  Sealed Transaxle Direct Drive

Suspension: No

Controller: S-Drive 45A

Motor: 120 Watt

Motor Output: 120W x DC24V 

Braking Distance: 1.2M (Max Speed Forward)

Size when folded to fit Vehicle: H 640mm x W 450mm x D 450mm

Seat Size: H 380mm (from floor of scooter to top of seat) x W 430mm x D 400mm

Length: 940mm

Width: 520mm (with armrests)

Height: Up to 890mm

Drive Wheel: 175mm (Solid)

Front Wheel: 150mm (Solid)

Turning Radius: 820mm

Max Curb Height: 25mm

Ground Clearance: 36mm

Extras Included: Charger and you may purchase a second battery for further distance travel.

Optional Extras:  Extra Battery, travel charger and suitcase

Note: All mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs are programmed to the current Australian Standards at point of sale. Specifications may represent manufacturer's maximum capacity of the product for customer's general information.


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I have had the Mobie Transformer for a few years now and it has been extremely handy, both for travelling locally and going overseas. It comes with a carry case which enables it to be checked in with your luggage. It goes in the oversize as it is a bit heavier than the maximum weight per item. However, when flying, any mobility aid is not included in your baggage allowance. I have travelled Qantas/Emirates (domestic and international) and had no problems. Also had an internal flight in Europe which was fine as well. You would have to check with airline before taking the scooter. It was fantastic on a river cruise we did as it could be taken on the bus folded up and then unfolded when going on the various daily tours. Before I had the Mobie Transformer I was unable to join many of the sight-seeing tours which involved a lot of walking. It also causes a bit of excitement when people see it folding and unfolding automatically by use of the remote!! Highly recommended.

Walter Stock

I\'ve been in hospital with two ops the past month so I haven\'t been able to use it very much. However just before the ops, my wife & I went around several blocks with it. I\'m progressing well & looking forward to it\'s use soon!

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