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Mobie Testimony - "Holidays are back on the agenda"

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Just want to thank all the staff who helped with my purchase, all questions were answered straight away. I have M.S and at home use an electric wheelchair which is too big and heavy to take anywhere but with my Mobie it fits into the boot of the car and off we go. Holidays are back on the agenda for me . Just like to thank you all again Debra Karimanovic  

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Wayne Jordan

I\'m extremely pleased with my Mobie. The Mobie has travelled to New Zealand (Dec 2016) on cruise and now it has found its way to Hawaii (June 2017). The only problem we have found, is getting the battery past the eagle eyes of security. Firstly there was immense confusion at both Melbourne and Sydney airports. Meaning there was is difference in protocols pertaining to the battery, between leaving the battery in the Mobie or taking it on as carry-on luggage. On our flight from Sydney to Honolulu, presented an other set of problems. It would appear that there has been a recent (?) press release, that Qantas will no longer accept Lithium batteries in excess of 150Wh, the Mobie is 259Wh. In order to be able to get our battery home, is to get an authority number from Qantas, While in this area we will be visiting another 3 islands flying Hawaiian Airlines. Looking at their website, we will be o.k., as long as the battery is removed and the contacts taped over. So, before you take your Mobie on a flight, get the situation pertaining sorted well in advance, deliver me, it will save a lot of deleting before you set off.

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